Hello pals! I’m partnering with Idaho Lottery to ask all of you what you would do with $1 Million. Would you buy a new car? Invest in a bar? Would you donate to charities? Or move to Antarctica and freeze…your butt off? Yeah, I’m reaching really hard with these rhymes ha! Anyways, there are so many different ways to spend all that dough that it may be a little overwhelming to think about. Want a few ideas? Read on to find out what I would do with $1,000,000.*Dislcaimer: This post is sponsored by Idaho Lottery but all opinions are my own, of course!* First of all, I would pay off all my debt. Both my husband and I have a good chunk of debt that we’ve been trying to chip away at over the last few months. What a dream it would be to be debt free!Or I would buy a house! I don’t want anything fancy or huge. No, seriously. If I had a two story house, I’d extremely paranoid when I wouldn’t be able to hear what’s going on in a certain part of the house, and I’m always afraid that someone is going to break in and I won’t know. I’d buy the cutest bungalow on the block complete with a swimming pool! My family and I devote our summers to traveling and hanging loose. If I won $1,000,000 I would save that money for the many awesome summers to come! Going to Jackson Hole for the weekend, hanging out at Turks and Caicos for a few days, and plenty of trips to Disney World of course! I’m dreaming of it now!If we won that big prize, Clint says he wants to take a year off. I’m just like nuh uh! Oh no you don’t! Sterling says he would buy A LOT of candy (typical 4 year olds). When I asked Greyson, he just sneered at me and ran away (typical mean 2 year olds). Now that I’ve told you what I would do with all that money, what would YOU do with it? Let me know below!If you are an Idaho resident, make sure to grab a raffle ticket from Idaho Lottery before they are all sold out! Only 250,000 tickets are available, and the contest ends December 31st, 2019, or whenever the last tickets sells (whichever comes first!). Tickets are only $10 each, and there are literally over 14,000 prizes that will be given out. This contest will air the winners on January 2nd, 2020 at the following local stations- Boise- KTVB 7; Twin Falls- KTFT 7; Lewiston- KLEW 3; Pocatello/Idaho Falls- KPVI 6. What do you think? Orange you in?!