Holy Moly, we’re already in the middle of May! How even?! Well, lucky for me that means Summer is right around the corner!! Some days especially in the winter, I debate really hard about moving to somewhere like Arizona or Florida because I am a true warm weather girl. Clint would definitely not go for that though. The dude HATES humidity.Β 

Anywayssss, with Summer coming up, that means we all get to show off our pretty little pedicures with the perfect pair of sandals to go with them. In this list, I have this year’s highly sought after shoe trends, as well as where you can find the designer or dupe options. I’m usually more of an affordable Amy, but I would not mind spending a bit of money on some of the more expensive beauts. They’re popular for a reason! Let’s go shopping!Β 

The Studded Sandal

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you may have seen these ALL over the ‘gram. And for good reason. These sandals are so stinking cute and they give off that perfectly edgy look. My inner teenager is squealing that this look is making a comeback (I come from a time where being emo and edgy was cool, okay?!) This year, Steve Madden steals the scene with their travel sandal series, but there are plenty of good dupes as you’ll see below. I myself ordered a dupe from Shein for a quarter of the price, and they are perfect and TTS!

The Medallion Sandal

This look I love because that medallion piece in the center pulls the whole look together and makes a perfect statement piece. If you want to go designer, the Tory Burch version is currently on sale and last FOREVER, but the dupes are just as good and just as cute!

The Pearl Sandal

I love love love this look! I think the pearl sandals make the PERFECT addition to wear to the beach, especially the ones with the toe loop. They also add that little pop of glam if you decide to wear them for a night out as well! I would say if you decide to go with the designer option (the Kate Spade ones) those would definitely be more for going out as they have a block heel whereas the Shein and Amazon versions are flat sandals and perfect for casual looks and outings.Β 

The Double Strap Sandal

The Double Strap look is definitely making its rounds around the internet lately, especially the shiny metallic look ones! And can you blame everyone? These are gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear! Steve Madden has quite a few different options, and there are some more affordable ones listed. There’s even a Vegan friendly one below!

The Braided/Cross Strap Sandal

I put both of these styles together mostly because depending on where you’re shopping you may hear the description use both terms. Usually with the braided sandals, those tend to have more of a tightly woven together braid, whereas the cross strap look are multiple thick width straps crossing eachother in multiple directions. Both are super freaking cute though. If you like the braided look and the double strap look, there’s an option below that has both! And did you see that leopard looking one? All the heart eyes!Β 

Well, I think that is it for today! Now that you know what’s hot this year, which kind of sandals were you favorite? Are you totally feeling all the summer vibes? Because I definitely am! If you snag some pairs, let me know what you ended up getting! Talk to you guys later πŸ™‚


*This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may make a commission if you purchase an item.*