And just like that, it is already May and Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner. What a crazy year it’s already been, am I right? If you’re just like me, you can’t believe Mother’s Day is 5 days away and you’re still scrambling to get the perfect gift for the mom in your life. Whether that be your mom, your significant other, or a close friend who’s a mom, I’ve compiled this list to hopefully give you an idea of what to give that special someone in your life. These are all items I’ve carefully chosen based off what I would personally buy as a mama who likes to buy all the things, haha! There is something for everyone here. Most of these items should be in the mail by Mother’s Day if you have Amazon Prime, but with slower delivery times due to Covid 19, they may not as well. Since we’re all social distancing anyways, shouldn’t be too big of a deal right? I personally think you should celebrate your mom everyday, but that’s just me 😉 Let me know what you ended up getting, and happy shopping!

For the trendy mom

We all know that one mom, always has her hair did, makeup done. She’s looking good and is always super well dressed and on top of the trends and not in pajamas all day like a certain someone I know…*cough* it’s me, I’m a hot mess *cough*. Anyways, this one’s for her!

For the mama who loves to relax

I am 100% this kind of person. Every chance I can get, I draw myself a hot bath with some bath bombs, epsom salts, and a lovely scented castle. On other days, I could settle for a chilled face mask to really soak in the nutrients. And if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be doing this all while drinking out of my silicone wine glass, but for now juice will have to do!

For the mom who loves decor

This one goes out to the mom who every season hauls some huge box out of the closet that holds all the seasonal decor. Or the mom who’s always got a specific vision of how her home should look and is always adding more pieces to perfect that space. I SO wish I could be more like this mom, decorating is totally not my fort! Kind of reminds me of the story of how when my husband and I first moved in together, I bought one dish of every design the store had because they were all so cute and I couldn’t make up my mind of which one I wanted…needless to say my husband poked fun at me for a very long time. 

For the sentimental mom

This is for the mom who loves personalized gifts. The mom who has a hard time letting go of crafts that their kids bring home from school because they’re just so dang cute. The mom who says spending time with her babies is the best gift of them all. I am this mom, I love everything personalized and cutesy. These items that I’ve put on this list are all things you can customize to gift to whoever you want, so make sure to add a touch of you when personalizing it for mom.

Happy Mother's Day!