Hey there guys! Can you believe it is February already? That means Valentine’s Day is almost here! Valentine’s Day is so much fun in our household because one 1. It is me and Clint’s wedding anniversary, 2. all the candy and 3. all the fun crafts you can do! A couple of weeks ago, the boys came home from preschool with a list of names in their respective classes, and attached was another letter stating that this year, the teachers wanted the parents to make their own card boxes to bring to school. So what we have here is a pretty sweet DIY craft you can do with the kiddos using paper mache. It takes a little while, but it’s such a fun activity and a great way to get the creativity flowing with the kids!

So read up, get your supplies ready, and remember to have fun! I know with crafts there can be some kind of pressure to have the best looking craft, (ahem ahem Clint) but just remember that this is supposed to be a fun way to bond with the kiddos and create something cool in the meanwhile! I’ve also partnered up with a bunch of other gals to give you some other cool ideas, so make sure to read to the end to see other cool Valentine’s Day craft ideas from some of my favorite bloggers. 

What you will need

  • Start by ripping all the newspapers into strips and put off to the side. The kids loved this part! Once done, cut out two pieces of cardboard to make your bases. For example, Sterling asked for his card box to look like a star, so I cut out two star shapes. Greyson wanted to do a smiley face so Clint cut out two cardboard circles.
  • Take one of the pieces of cardstock, and fold over “hotdog style” (going back to elementary school here lol) until you have about 1-1.5 inch still sticking out. Take your scissors and cut slits into that little bit of paper sticking out! Make sure to cut enough cardstock to entirely go around one of the cardboard bases.  
  • Take a glue gun and glue around the edges of the cardboard, and press the paper slits onto the cardboard, gently folding and gluing until you’ve formed what looks like a bottom half of a box. Take the glue gun and glue all around the top edge of the cardstock and stick it to the other cardboard base. Now, you have what looks like a cool box! 
  • Ready to start paper mache’ing? After all the glue has dried, take a cup of flour and add water a little bit at a time until you’ve made a paste. Take your strips, dip it in the flour paste, rub some of the excess off and lay flat on your box. Repeat until you’ve put at least 3 layers of newspaper all over the box. Let it dry overnight.
  • Once dried, now you can decorate however you’d like! This is also where you can cut out an opening for other classmates to leave cute cards. We had actually created the openings before putting the paper mache on, and the edges of the opening started to cave in because of the moisture, so I ended up having to wedge a ball of newspaper while it dried. If you’re feeling crafty enough, you can also invent some sort of door on the bottom to easily dump the contents out. We honestly planned on breaking it open so we didn’t do anything fancy like that. Since my oldest is 4, he wanted to be very independent and I let him take the lead. He’s obsessed with rainbows, can you tell? Clint and Greyson went for more of an emoji look, complete with the hearteyes of course! 

And there you have it! Not bad, right? Pretty cute, and easy to do. After this experience, we learned that Clint actually likes crafting, so I can definitely see more projects coming up in the future! 

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