Oh October, you bring so many good memories to me. The crisp breeze, the overload of the color orange, flannel, and pumpkins everywhere brings it all back to me every year. In case you guys don’t know, Clint and I actually started dating in the fall. This upcoming October 19th will mark 9 years that we have been together. Isn’t that just awesome?! Too long if you ask me πŸ˜‰ Anyways, a girl’s gotta keep her relationship spicy after being together for so long. I am such a huge fan of continually dating your significant other! I feel that some alone time together and away from the kiddos is a vital aspect to making each other feel equally important in a relationship. Without further ado, I hope you guys enjoy this list of fun date ideas specifically tailored to the fall season!

Go for a hike!

Fall is the perfect season to go up into the mountains to go hiking! I remember back when Clint was still in the Army, he used to have a 4 on, 4 off schedule. So on one of his days off, we would pack up the car and drive 2 hours to get up to the mountains. We would literally just park anywhere and start walking. I’d say around October is the perfect time to go because you should see the leaves on all the trees changed by now, and man- what a beautiful display!

Horror Movie Marathon

Clint and I are total horror movie lovers. And on this date idea, you don’t even have to get a babysitter if you don’t want to! Wait until the kids are in bed, warm up a bag of popcorn, cuddle up under a blanket together and press play. Oh! and Don’t forget the coffee, you’re going to need it! Need some movie ideas? Check out this list of horror movies if you have no idea what to watch. I joke about this all the time, but Annabelle Creation is by far one of the most scariest movies we’ve seen because some parts of that movie are so unexpected…And we saw that in theaters so you know jump scare scene + loud surround sound speakers = I almost shat myself. TMI? Maybe, but that’s how scary it was and I think you all should go watch it now haha.

Catch a football game

‘Tis the season for football games! This one is for all my sports fans. I’m not a huge fan of football, but I am a fan of fun atmospheres and I definitely love going to games. Bundle up, buy a beer, and have fun!

Haunted houses/mazes

Clint and I LOVE our fair share of scares and thrills! So this is kind of a must for us every year. It’s always so much fun checking new places out, or even going back to the same place year after year to see how they might’ve outdone themselves this time. Check out your local groups, media outlets, etc. to find a spooky thrill near you!

Apple picking at the Orchard

Spend a few hours picking apples from your local orchards! There is seriously nothing better than making an apple pie or streudel using the apples you picked yourself. It’s almost like you can taste your hard work in the baked goods, or something. Anyways, pack some food for a picnic and a blanket to have a rewarding lunch date afterwards!

Catch a train

When we lived in Colorado, there was this cool train up in Georgetown that went through the mountains to take you on a scenic ride in the Fall. It was always incredibly busy, and I am so bummed we never made time to go! But, could you imagine how incredible that view must be? Pair the ride with some warm apple cider or hot cocoa and that is one unforgettable experience.

Go stargazing

This one is especially special to my heart. Clint and I first started dating when we were in Job Corps together (RIP Job Corps). After a full day of trade, there weren’t really a ton of things to do. Sure there was a recreation room, but if you don’t feel like working out, doing art crafts, or playing foosball (because you’ve definitely played that a lot and are sooo tired of it), there wasn’t entirely a whole lot for you to do. Clint and I would go sit on a bench for hours with our apple cider, cuddle together, sharing stories and staring up at the stars. I remember I pointed up at one and said “Oh look at that one! It’s red? Oh and it’s moving….OH. It’s an airplane.” …..Forget I told you that embarrassing ass story haha! Anyways, if you want to ramp it up, bring a blanket and a telescope for an even more romantic date.

Well ladies and gents, that’s a wrap! I hope this gave you some ideas for date night opportunities to spend with your loved one. Do you go on date nights often? If not, will you try to? Did I miss anything crazy awesome on this list that’s fall appropriate? If so, let me know in the comments!