Imagine being in a household where you’re the only female and you’re surrounded by 3 other males. Sounds horrifying, right? I mean, it’s not bad but it’s not rainbows and sunshine either. Let me invite you in to a little snapshot so you can really picture what it’s like living in the household of the Manning boys.

-Boys are MESSY

I’m talking actual tornadoes here. I went into this journey knowing full well that there were going to be messes, but they seriously take this to a whole other level. From the kids leaving their breakfast on the table when they go to school, to my husband leaving his dirty clothes RIGHT NEXT TO THE LAUNDRY HAMPER, there is always something. Also, HOLY @#$%.

-Boys have the worst attitude

I’m in this incredibly fun stage where Sterling and Greyson love to cross their arms and roll their eyes at me. It was kind of cute at first, but now Sterling holds up his hand to me if I’m getting after him about something (think ‘talk to the hand’ days) and Greyson does it too. Also, both stubborn af. I know a good chunk of their attitude is inherited from me, but since this is a blog post about the boys, I’m going to place all the blame on Clint! I think he loves me enough to let me do that to him.

-There is literally a joke about poop every. single. day.

If you guys also follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my sad little post about how Clint misses calling the boys a poop face when we were away on a trip. Well, since then it has greatly evolved. Everyday, there is some talk from Sterling about how me or dad is a poopface, how his food is poop, and the whole world is a poop playground. Even better, Greyson has started doing it! The other day, Greyson and Sterling were fighting about something, and all of a sudden Greyson sneers at his brother, points at him and says, “Stop you poopy!” WHY IS THIS MY LIFE.

-Everyday I am worried that they’re going to break a bone

My mother in law tells me this cute little story all the time about how when my husband was 2 years old, he climbed the trellis outside of their house. He climbed a couple feet up, fell, and ended up needing a hernia surgery. The day Clint and I came back from our cruise, Sterling tripped over something and fell on the corner of the table (which we have corner covers on but he had peeled them off and we were literally working on trying to get it superglued to the table). We ended up having to go to Urgent care and Sterling had to get stitches in his lip. So far, Greyson hasn’t had anything serious happen, but with how active they are, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened today. Man, being a mom is stressful.

-Boys have the biggest, sweetest hearts

They might be super crazy and drive me up a wall, but at the end of the day, they’re the sweetest. Most of the time they are nice to each other, say please and thank you, and don’t throw poop into every other sentence. They are true mama’s boys, and I think there is just something special about the bond between a mom and her boys. I am definitely a #boymom.