I have recently learned about this new clothing brand called Eshakti, and it’s amazing! I’m pretty convinced that it’s a boutique that every woman should know about, especially if you like to dress a little more conservatively. What I love is that the sizes range from 0-36W, so there’s something for everyone on their website! If you want an idea of what the ordering process is like, you came to the right place.

First of all, pick what you want! There is a huge selection to choose. From work oriented, to a jumpsuit or even a LBD, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s what I chose.

This dress is a gorgeous teal color, and I ordered a size 8. I have a huge thing for dresses that give off a goddess/bohemian vibe, so this was perfect for me.

After choosing your size, you can then put your height in. Why? Because they custom tailor the dress and adjust it so that it’s not dragging all over the floor, or too short!

Now if you want to make any extra adjustment to your dress, for a minimal fee of $9.95, you can make just about any adjustment! Want sleeves? Or no sleeves? Change up the neckline? A shorter dress? You can do any of that for that small fee!

You can even put your exact measurements in inches to have it tailored to your exact figure. Love it the way it is? No problem, just skip over that! From then you will just go on to shipping and billing information.

The verdict? I LOVE my dress. Soft is an understatement. It fits incredibly and is so flattering on me. The length is perfect and goes down to my ankles. My favorite features? This particular dress has a button snap where it drops down near the cleavage, so quick access if you have a nursing baby! Also, it HAS POCKETS!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this dress so far and I’ve only worn it once! If you’re looking for a brand new outfit, I say go check it out!

UPDATED: Use my code COLDCUPS for 10% off your purchase. Code valid until 9/24/19. Happy shopping! Click here to go shop at Eshakti!