This weekend, my little family of four took a very spontaneous trip to Salt Lake City. For those of you that don’t know, my brother in law is in the burn unit over at the University of Utah Hospital. It had been a couple of weeks since he has seen my husband or my other extended family, so we decided a little impromptu trip was in order. We would only be able to be gone over the weekend because both my husband and I have work, but you only live once, so whatever right?

From the moment we woke up on Saturday, the day had already started off kind of odd. Because my kiddos are waking us up around 6:30-7 AM most days, my husband and I decided to skip setting an alarm and let nature take its course. Of all days, MY KIDS SLEPT IN. Of course, right? Well no worries, we were in no rush. We’ll leave whenever, it’s only like a 5ish hour drive from Boise to Salt Lake City.

We’re on the road and getting gas, and I realized I forgot my contacts case and my glasses. I had just assumed that my turd of a husband (that’s term of endearment for us) had gotten my stuff in the bathroom as well when he went to go get his items. No big deal, we’re literally only a minute away.

Fifteen minutes later, we’re FINALLY on the freeway, kids are taking naps, and all is well in the world. About an hour in to the drive, a loud noise from our music playing wakes Sterling up, and I’m greeted with a “Moooom, I have to go potty.” Sterling says he can hold it because we’re close to a rest area, and not even like 30 seconds later he starts freaking out about having to go potty really bad. We hurry and pull over to the side of the road, but unfortunately not quick enough.

So you can tell how well this trip is going so far, huh?

A million potty breaks, leg stretches and touristy moments later, we finally arrive in Salt Lake City a little after 5 pm. Before heading to the hospital, we make a trip to the hotel to unload the car and just take a deep breath and relax. Let me tell you, this is probably like the 3rd time we’ve stayed at the Hilton and I can’t ever stay at another hotel. Even after a little hiccup with the hotel card keys, the staff were quick to fix any little problems and our moods were suddenly uplifted.

The hotel lobby was BEAUTIFUL. It was seriously so pretty. If I didn’t have my kids who were little balls of energy from being cooped up in the car, I could chill in one of the comfy chairs next to the running water structure with a good book. When we reached our room on the second floor, we opened our room up to a large and open suite. As we put our stuff away, Sterling and Greyson just about went ham on the signature cookies the the front desk provided, and I’m not going to lie, I’m still dreaming about how good they were, (chocolate oatmeal cookies in case you were wondering, ha! ).

I was seriously impressed by all the little accents in the room, and my husband who is not easy to impress was delighted with how comfortable our room was. We had ordered room service later in the night, and honestly those caramel apple beignets were the perfect way to end the night. It doesn’t stop there; we all slept so, so, so good. There was just something about how soft the pillows and the bed were that could make me sleep in all day. And it wasn’t just Clint and I. Sterling, who is usually the first one awake, slept in while the TV in the living room was going and the rest of us were bouncing on the sofa’s pull out bed he was sleeping on.

The next day we took the 25 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City to actually visit the Great Salt Lake. It was raining and pouring, but we honestly had nothing to do because everything was closed on a Sunday in the city. We ran out there, took some beautiful pictures, and tried to look through binoculars but saw nothing because it was so foggy. I was hoping we could get out and throw some rocks at the lake (Sterling’s favorite past time) but it was waaaay too cold. But whatever, we finally got to see it!

We went back and drove around the city for a bit to admire all the beautiful architecture, and visited Clint’s brother one more time before going back to Boise. Sterling made the cutest little ‘get better soon’ card that was chock full of suns, and a whole bunch of Us scribbled over. It was hilariously adorable.

All in all, the trip to Salt Lake City wasn’t bad. I wish we had more time to just explore the city when it wasn’t horribly raining, but it was pretty great actually. The art around the city was beautiful. The buildings and houses were jaw droppingly gorgeous, and driving around all that was exciting itself. My kids were a little rowdy and wild, but who can blame them when you’ve been stuck in the car for a few hours and were given unhealthy snacks to keep you busy.

Since it is such a short drive, I may very well come visit again. Just preferably in the summer when there is less of a chance of rain and it is much warmer!